How to wear tape in hair extensions

Hi guys, In my last blog post, we talked about the basics of tape in hair extensions, and this blog is an extension to the previous blog where we will talk about how to put in your tape in extensions the right way. cliphair-tape-in-hair-extensions There are 2 ways to get your tape in extensions put in:

Go to the salon

If you decide to go to the salon, you need to make sure the person putting in your extension has experience and is trained for the tape in extensions. You can buy extensions at many salons, but my advice to you will be to buy your own and take it to the salon, that way you can save money, as the tape in extensions sold at the salons are mostly more expensive and you can get the exact same quality for much cheaper.


If you wish to DIY here is what you need to do:

Buying your tape ins

  1. Buying online is the easiest way, many online stores offer to match your color, so you can decide which one you want, you can go a shade lighter for a low light look or a shade darker for a highlighted look.
  2. You also need to find how many packs you want, many sellers sell 15 or 20 or 25 pieces to keep the prices low, but that way you end up spending more as you would need 2 or even 3 packs to get the volume you desire.
  3. Always consider the weight and number of pieces of the tape in extensions when you are buying a new set.
Note: I got mine from cliphair, one pack contains 40 pieces and is 100 grams, perfect for a full head.

Find a friend to help you

Trust me it is so much easier if you have a helping hand, specially at the back part of your head.

Find your own placement

The first thing we all need to know is that there is no particular placement for your extensions, you put your extensions in places you would need more. For example, one person has light hair in the sides so they would need a little more on the sides, and another might need it at the back. So how you place your extensions is based on your own hair. however, you can use the general placement as a basis, and amend it to your needs. Another thing to remember while setting tape ins, you shouldn’t put them in the middle of the head, and leave an occipital line to make sure your extensions aren’t bothered if you wear specs or shades. [caption id="attachment_7144" align="aligncenter" width="300"]image source: image source:[/caption]

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