Inspiring Women: the Jennifer’s at the Oscars!

Yes ladies, both the Jennifer’s stunned us with awesome looks this year at the Oscars, and one got a lot of attention and the other didn’t really get that much. However, we are here to pay tribute to both these amazing women. These ladies caught our eyes the most because of the dress! The hair! the make up! And the over all look that complements their ages and makes them look graceful modern women, inspiring us all.

Now for the big reveal, with all the buzz around it, it is not a surprise that the first Jennifer in our inspiring women list this week is Jennifer Lawrence, the second Jennifer in our list today is also a kick-ass stylish woman and always has been one of the best dressed ladies in Hollywood. This fashionista is none other than Jennifer garner, this brown-haired diva was rocking the red carpet this Sunday in a Versace Dress.

Jennifer Lawrence

Our very own J-Lawrence 27 wore a gorgeous metallic Dior dress and hair by celebrity hair stylist Jenny Cho. Jennifer Lawrence had her hair dyed a bit darker at the roots and wore a young hip shoulder length ash blonde beachy waves. This style stirred up the entire fashion industry, the hair was styled just right to contrast the metallic dress and eyes, the roots complemented the roots of the hair. Jennifer defiantly made it to our hair colour inspiration list this season.

Jennifer garner

This 45-year-old celebrity wore her Versace gown with such grace and poise, made us see how j-garner’s style grew with her. This lady took elegance to a whole new level, her hair was styled on one side and those beautiful highlights framing her face. Garner had a slight auburn touch of colour in her thick brown hair, making her gorgeous locks looking out of this world. this diva came to slay!


We wish both our gorgeous ladies best of luck for the future!