10 simple rules for Tape in extensions hair care

Hi Beauties,

The tape in hair extensions are all the rave, they are semi-permanent, they lay flat, look natural and they are reusable, can that get any better? I mean get fabulous looking hair and save money $$$



The tape in industry is expanding and it is hard to figure out what to actually look for, but if you invest in good quality tape in human hair extension, you can make them last very long. I don’t mean that the tape ins can stay in your hair for a year, the average life of the tape is 2 to 3 months with proper hair care. But you can take them out, deep condition them, re-tape and reuse for another 2 to 3 months and so on. But for that, your hair wefts need to be healthy and cared for.

So, to get the most out of your tape ins, you need to follow some basic hair care rules, trust me they are not rocket science, its simple hair care, not only will you keep your extensions healthy, your real hair will love you for this too.

1.    Do not have any same day hair treatments

when you get your tape in extensions put in your hair, don’t get any kind of hair treatment the same day, wait for 24 hours at least.

2.    Do not wash your hair every day


Yes, over washing your hair can get your tape lose, so ideally wash hair twice a week. Make dry shampoo your new best friend, however make sure your dry shampoo is not alcohol based.

3.    Do not brush wet hair or dry them with towel


Brushing wet hair is a big NO, even in your real hair, it causes breakage, so will it do the same with your tape ins, brushing them wet means you are pulling them out damaging your tape ins and your real hair. same goes for towel drying, towel drying is not recommended for your real hair as well as your tape ins.

4.    Use sulphate free shampoo


The biggest hair care point for your hair is sulphate free shampoo, again, sulphate free shampoos should be used for real hair too ideally, but for extensions it is crucial to use a sulphate free shampoo.

5.    Condition your hair 


Often people say not to condition your hair if you have tape in extensions, which is completely wrong! Your hair needs to be conditioned but mid lengths to tips, not near the roots as we don’t want our tape ins to slip off.

6.    Do not use alcohol based products


Ok, that one is a no brainer, alcohol dries out your hair and we don’t want to damage our hair, our extensions or our keratin tape. So simply avoid alcohol based hair sprays, serums, dry shampoos etc. there are many hair serums and leave in hair sprays in the market that are ideal for hair extensions users.

7.    Hair washing hack

This is a simple hack for in case you have any event before your shower day and you want to look sharp, simply brush your hair. now separate the centre part of your hair that does not have any tape ins and clip them on top. Then tie the rest of your hair with tape ins at the back of your head. Now you can lean down in the sink and wash the centre part only. This way your hair will look fresh and washed without having to wet your tape ins.

8.    Heat tools and protection



Always use heat protectant, it is again a very simple rule, which most of us already do, even for our own hair. however, make sure your sprays are not alcohol based. Using heat tools as normal, just avoid using then near the roots to prevent the tape from coming lose.

9.    Use detangling brush

tangle teezer

A detangling brush is a must have for every girl, as we lose most of our hair pulling and trying to brush them, so invest in a good detangling brush, and use it gently to remover knots from your hair before and after bedtime. And always brush before shower it will help you so much in your hair care.

10. Sleep

low pony

If you have long tape in hair you will get tangles, so I recommend you all to tie a lose pony tail before bed, or if you want waves in the morning, simple tie a lose braid, your hair will tangle less.


Ok guys these are all very simple hair care rule, which we should all follow even with our real hair, so hoping for an excellent hair year 2018. #hairgoals2018

love your hair, they will love you back!