Hair Colour inspiration 2018: Blonde

Lightly buttery toasted blonde

Yes right it sounds like breakfast but this is a sleek shiny blonde shade with a natural look, it is a rich warm toned style without the bronze touch. Allison Williams carries this look with soft highlights giving her just enough depth and creating a sexy blonde look.

Bright platinum blonde shades

Jennifer Lawrence and Jiji Hadid wore these amazing bright platinum hair, the platinum hair is here to stay this year. This blonde shade is super versatile to carry and you can always put in dark roots or dark highlights to prevent looking washed out. However this beautiful platinum shade is on its own the amazing centre piece to your look.


Subtle ombre

Ombre has a new friend So-mbre, yes sombre is the subtle ombre and it is all the rave. This soft look is super elegant and gives a posh yet chic vibe. It can be in any colour; the trick is to take both colours from the same colour family and ombre it with a gentle merge of both colours. Whether you go light or dark or the other way you wont regret following this sophisticated trend.


Unusual cool tones

Call me crazy, this year is all about cool toned unusual colours like teal or green or pink or purple, take where your imagination takes you. The succulent colour is also one of these colour trends this year, with crystal shades and geodes aswell. You can be soft and subtle or you could set yourself apart with this chic and trendy style.


The reds made a massive come back this year, with bright red and burgundy streaks or ombre going with dark and light all hair colours. The red shades trending this year ranges from subtle strawberry blonde to orange toned reds to the dark burgundy tones. With a mixed colour look or dark red roots with blonde tips, this hair trend is taking over. So add some red highlights and enjoy this look.


Enjoy these amazing hair colour trends! dye your own hair or get them in extensions to avoid dying.