Fringe Fringe-Bang Bang! Style your bangs

Bangs are the smallest hair changes a person can make that gives the largest impact on your look, the over all impact is partly due to the fact that bangs are right in front, but many stylists believe that the bangs have this effect because they frame a persons face, which is the focal point.

The fringes/bangs are great, as they go well with all the hair styles. and there are so many ways these can be styled themselves. But the biggest pain about bangs is to grow them out again, and till you grow them, you want the change again and get the bangs again, and the loop is formed, trust me when i say i was stuck in this loop for several years my self. the Clip in bangs are a great way now to solve this issue, just clip them on, style them and go.

So here are 5 brilliant looks for you to follow with your own bangs or your clip in bangs. enjoy:-

Demi Lavato’s signature look, this girl has been carrying her sleek bangs since she was on Disney, and she still rocks it.


The perfect bob with bangs on one side, very very chic and very very gutsy to pull off!

Reese Witherspoon has had these cute blonde bangs for years, and this chic yet cute style gives the perfect young innocent look to her face.

Kendall Jenner brings back the whispy bangs, giving it the sexy new look, and this looks is easy as pie.

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Now this is my personal favourite for school or college, as i hated if my bangs were in my face while studying, this look is easy to make and very classy casual.

let me know in the comments down below if you want to know how to get these fabulous looks.