Why do tape in extensions fall out?

The tape in hair extensions are one of the most natural looking semi-permanent hair extensions. They lay flat with the hair giving them the seamless look. The recommended time for the tape ins to last is 3 to 6 months.

A high-quality tape in human hair extension is made from cuticle correct hair lay flat into a weft, which is attached to the keratin adhesive tape. Yes, the tape is made from keratin to protect you own hair and for a natural bond. These extensions look amazing and feel amazing but there are set of rules to follow to maintain them.

Today we are going to discuss why the tape in extensions slip or fall out. In simple words, they don’t just fall off, here are 6 reasons why your extensions are not staying in place.

Natural factors

The tape in extensions are attached to our own hair, which means as our hair grows the extensions seems to move further down, giving you an illusion of slipping. The 2nd natural factor is our own hair, is it naturally greasy or oily? Then tape ins would need a touch up every now and then. Our hair type also plays a vital part in this, if we have fine hair or thick hair, the application method for both are/and should be different.


The application

The first application mistake is to go to an untrained person to get the tape ins, go to a professional who specialises in tape ins and know the different methods according to your natural hair type. Use single sided method for thin hair and double for thick or medium hair. using too little hair or too much hair between the tapes can also cause slipping of the tape.

Same day treatments

In order for the keratin tape to be cured or strengthen you need to make sure you don’t treat your hair 24 to 48 hours of applying the tape ins. Applying them in freshly washed hair you have to wait 24 to 48 hours before the next wash even.

Washing the hair

The tape in extensions have a keratin tape which is cured after 48 hours, after which you can wash your hair, but washing them every day will wear the tape off and you will see slippage. You have to find your own balance according to your own hair and how soon they get greasy. I recommend NOT to wash more than once a week, if your hair gets greasy try using a dry shampoo instead. And always use extension friendly products.

The products

This is the biggest dilemma of our time, there are hundreds of thousands of shampoos in the market but finding one that works best for you. Paraben free, and alcohol free is a must, as parabens are known to be carcinogenic, and alcohol dries out the hair. But the biggest enemy of keratin are the sulphates, and there are so many types of sulphates out there that it is unreal. The rule is simple, sulphates of any kind are bad for keratin, and your tape ins are attached by keratin tapes so sulphates will wear them off and your hair will slip.

Even though I just mentioned shampoos here but the same rule applies to all the products you use. Do not oil, condition or apply hair masks to the roots, always go from the ear lobes to the tip.

Hair care

Our hair in general require TLC, our own hair and the ones we put in, especially because they don’t get the nutrition from the roots, so we need to be gentle and loving to them.

  • No towel drying
  • No brushing wet hair
  • No over washing
  • No over conditioning or over moisturise the roots
  • Use appropriate products
  • Do not over treat your hair ever
  • Be gentle to them

This is my basic guide for you to show some love to your hair, and you won’t see your beautiful tape in hair slip.